Tír na nÓg Soyflakes

 Melting Tips and Handy Instructions

  • Never melt soy flakes unattended.
  • Handle melters carefully.  Remember there is a lit candle inside and they tend to get very hot.  Depending on your melter, you may want to use a plate under it to guard against the heat.
  • Only use one tablespoon of our flakes in your melter.  Light the tea candle  under the flakes.  This one tablespoon should hold the fragrance for several hours
  • When you walk into your room and the fragrance is no longer apparent, extinguish the tea candle.  Once the wax is no longer in liquid form, place your melter (or the bowl of your melter) in the freezer for about 15 minutes.  The soy will shrink and you will be able to pop it out of the melting bowl.
  • Some of our customers have told us that they burn their flakes for about one hour, then freeze and remove from bowl.  They place their semi-used flakes in a sealed plastic baggie and replace with a new fragrance.  They store the baggie with the flakes to be used at another time. 

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