Tír na nÓg Soyflakes

Our name, Tír na nÓg is Gaelic for "Land of Eternal Youth".  We would like to think that when you breathe in our lovely fragrances you will be mentally transported to a relaxing youthful place.  Some of our scents, like Lily of the Valley and Gardenia, may take you back to Grandma's garden.  Our Eucalyptus will remind you of your last trip to the day spa while our Coconut Lime will help you recall a wonderful day at the beach.

 We have a serious issue with companies that rip off their customers with high shipping fees.  We make every attempt to keep our shipping costs to a minimum by using the US Postal Service.  If, after I package your order, I find out I can do it for less than we charged you, I will make it up to you with some sample flakes. 

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