Soy Flakes are measured in an 8 ounce container, 

then packaged in plastic bags to keep shipping costs 

to a minimum. 

Irish Linen

$ 14.00 USD


Fresh clean scent with subtle notes of powder. 


Lemongrass Sage

$ 14.00 USD

Fresh herbal scent that smells clean all day. Our best seller by far.



$ 14.00 USD

This lavender sends a message of relaxation with its soothing scent.


White Tea Ginger

$ 14.00 USD

This warm and calming scent pairs the sweet mild fragrance of white tea with a hint of spicy ginger.


Coconut Lime

$ 14.00 USD

Citrus lime scent blended with fresh cut verbena leaves and coconut.



$ 14.00 USD

Rich scent of sweet natural vanilla bean.


Christmas Tree AKA Pine

$ 14.00 USD

This pine scent will fill your room with a Christmas Tree fragrance all year round


Mulled Apple Cider

$ 14.00 USD

Spicy bouquet of apple, clove, orange and cinnamon topnotes with a sweet musky background.



$ 14.00 USD

Cool soothing smell of the Eucalyptus plant with a hint of Spearmint.


Love Spell

$ 14.00 USD

This very popular choice comes from the Victoria's Secret Fragrances.


Ocean Breeze

$ 14.00 USD

This subtle fragrance resembles an ocean breeze.  One of our more mild choices.


Lily of the Valley

$ 14.00 USD

A soft, sweet magical fragrance that transports you back to mom's garden.



$ 14.00 USD

A strong cinnamon scent with pronounced woody notes.  Lovely all year round.


Lavender and Sage

$ 14.00 USD

Fresh, clean fragrance.


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